Dr. Lisa Berzins has dedicated her professional life to providing state of the art care for patients as well as teaching, supervising and training students and coworkers. The following testimonials were provided by some of her colleagues at Connecticut Valley Hospital where she provided treatment for men in rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction.

“I have worked as a licensed Psychologist for over 16 years, have known Dr. Berzins for over 10 years, and have worked closely with her for the last 4 years. Consistently, without exception, in all contacts and interactions, from Psychology seminars and meetings, case consultations and peer-to-peer supervision, Dr. Berzins operates from a value centered, compassionate and trauma-informed perspective, consistent with the care she provides to her own care for her patients.

I have frequently sought out Dr. Berzins for case consultation and supervision for many of my own patients. Her guidance and expertise including supervision in using specialty therapies such as Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy (EMDR), and her expertise with eating disordered clients has been invaluable. In all these instances I have counted on her feedback and support and I know that many of our colleagues, and our colleagues in the community, have also sought her out for consultation.

I have observed Dr. Berzin’s work first-hand, having had opportunities to attend and observe her ‘Self-compassion’ therapy groups, and have attended many of her lectures and presentations on incorporating self-compassion into our work with our clients and into our daily life. I am also aware of, and admire her work with unit staff, providing support, clinical leadership and supervision, and always going above and beyond in her commitment to ‘achieving excellence together’, this signature guiding principle at CVH.

And lastly I can attest to her leadership role and commitment to the training of new psychologists, training and supervising students from affiliated colleges and universities each semester, providing great tutelage, and instilling in her students the value of compassionate care in mental health and addiction services.”

– Timothy Crowley, PhD, Connecticut Valley Hospital

“Dr. Berzins has been a valued member of the psychology department [of Connecticut Valley Hospital] for many years. She is viewed by her colleagues as an excellent psychologist with specialized training in eating disorders, trauma, and substance abuse.”

– Tracey M. Sondik, Psy.D, Supervising Psychologist, Connecticut Valley Hospital

“Lisa is a consummate professional whom both clients and colleagues consistently report as exemplifying great therapeutic skills… She has been tireless in leading the efforts to promote self compassion among clients and staff.”

– Brian Williams, CAC

“In my 36 year career at the hospital I’ve met few people more caring and more willing to extend themselves for the good of both patients and employees… she’s spent [long hours] on her own time toward creating a pleasant and effective working environment along with providing outstanding patient care”

– Jeff Rosow, DMD, Former Dental Director, Connecticut Valley Hospital

“Dr. Berzins gave me a fresh perspective on dementia, what the community is experiencing, and how best to deal with it. These skills would benefit caregivers for a lifetime. The presentation also helped me to see how I can apply the techniques when working with caregivers providing care to loved ones suffering from dementia. Thank you!”

– Lee Morgan, Transition Coordinator, North Central Area Agency on Aging

“It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Dr. Lisa Berzins. I have worked with her in the area of compassion in which I consider her exceedingly well versed. She has been instrumental in furthering the spirit of compassion here on the campus of Connecticut Valley Hospital. She began a committee dedicated to educating our patients and staff to treat everyone with compassion. She went through the difficult task to obtain a man who was the ultimate example of having compassion for those who were instrumental in his being sent to jail. This is an example of her dedication to stressing the  benefits of compassion amongst people. Dr. Berzins exemplifies a role model not only professionally but as a human being. I value all the opportunities that occur for me in interact with her. If I can provide more input on her behalf, please do not hesitate to contact me at Connecticut Valley Hospital, Chaplaincy Office”
Rabbi Marshall Press, Connecticut Valley Hospital, Chaplaincy Office

“[Dr. Lisa Berzins’] presentation was grounded in sound research, and had implications for clinical applications. Our faculty and graduate students, who participated in this workshop, gave excellent feedback on the program evaluation form, and recommended that Dr. Berzins be invited for future presentations for training our clinical faculty and graduate students at SCSU and beyond.

We will be inviting Dr. Berzins again for the 2017 Spring semester research workshop at Southern Connecticut State University… I have no reservation in recommending Dr. Berzins for workshops related to ‘Clinical Work with Dementia Clients and Their Families’.”

Sebastian Perumbilly, PhD, Faculty, Marriage and Family Therapy Program, School of Health and Human Services, Southern Connecticut State University

“Lisa is devoted to her ASD clients… She truly cares about her clients and is active in their recovery process… I feel blessed to know Lisa, and to be able to work with her. She speaks the truth, has a strong commitment to making [Connecticut Valley Hospital] a better place, is devoted to her clients, and has a big heart.”

– Sharon Molloy, Rehabilitation Therapist, Connecticut Valley Hospital

“Lisa Berzins’ contributions to the [Connecticut Valley Hospital] community have made it a better and more compassionate place. From sing-a-longs to many other integrative medicine practices, her creative passions and skills have made a profoundly positive impact on the welfare of staff and clients.”

Lou Sorrentino, LADC

“I wanted to reach out and thank you SO much for presenting last week at the Coffee With Clinicians.  I had such wonderful feedback and I am so glad to have met you.”
– Julia Latimer, Treatment Placement Specialist, Acadia Healthcare – Recovery Division